Are There Brides and Grooms Too Tough for Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Why Carbide gets so much attention ?

Carbide is a versatile metal you will find lurking in many products from a handyman's tools, to tech savvy smartpens, to luxury Movado Fiery watches, to wedding rings.

The main reason carbide gets so much attention is that it's the strongest metal in the world. It resists scratches and dents, looks beautiful, and is second in strength only to diamonds. This is why there is such a demand for the metal from recyclers. So many manufacturers throughout dozens of world marketplaces use the metal for their many products and product coatings.

Tungsten carbide an ideal metal for wedding rings!

One of the more popular uses for tungsten carbide is for wedding rings. In fact, more and more people, (especially men) are looking to tungsten for wedding rings. Overall, tungsten is an ideal metal ring for anyone to wear. However, people in certain jobs should not consider their tungsten rings indestructible. Tungsten does have a breaking point,(or rather a shatter point). If the metal takes a heavy enough hit, it will shatter into sharp shards.

Because tungsten has that reputation for being so strong, many men and women in service positions consider it the ideal choice for a wedding ring they can wear all the time. However, there are certain jobs where you just should not wear your ring all the time, no matter what. It's just too dangerous.

Though this might be a compromise you and your spouse don't want to make, there might be another way to express your love and committment during work hours, (like with the shirt you wear or henna tattoos or something along those lines). Wearing a ring or jewelry item of any sort could cost you your life and there is no such thing as an indestructible ring when you work in jobs like:

  • Wildfire cleanup
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Forestry
  • Wetland delineation
  • EMT
  • Fire rescue
  • And other manual labor and physically demanding careers

Rings get hung up on things like the corners of truck beds, random chains, wiring and things like this all the time. They often get caught while you're rushing to help people, working to build things or managing machinery. Workers can lose fingers during all sorts of manual labor efforts, making rings a safety risk no matter how strong or indestructible they are. Unfortunately, your work activity might wind up being the cause of the problem.

Why Tungsten is the superior choice for wedding rings?

Tungsten is still the superior choice for wedding rings because it's the strongest metal under normal wear conditions and keeps its beauty in a dramatic way. All other materials, (including titanium), will eventually look bad over time due to scratches, wear and tear. So if you have an affinity for carbide, it's definitely justified, just understand that not every situation is safe for ring wearing. Contact us to buy or sell some carbide scrap today!

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