Recycle Tungsten Carbide

The advent of tungsten carbide tooling, particularly indexable inserts used in the machining of metals, brought about efficiencies in manufacturing that radically changed the entire industry. While quick change tooling assured accuracy as well as productivity in manufacturing it also introduce the concept of disposable tooling, a misnomer that costs money, has an adverse effect on the environment and can leave American manufacturers dependent on foreign sources for an ever decreasing natural resource.

Carbide and tungsten carbide tooling are unique in that their use provides efficiency in a most inefficient manner. Typically 90% of the material in a piece of tooling goes unused, ready to be reclaimed and reformed into a new product. By making tooling recyclable as opposed to disposable a firm can add to the bottom line.

Tungsten deposits are said to be less than 3 million tons; at present rates of consumption the supply will be gone in less than fifty years. If scarcity is not a compelling enough reason to establish a carbide tungsten recycling program the fact that nearly 85% of the worlds’ tungsten comes from China may be. As a result of production and price controls in China the cost of tungsten carbide imports nearly doubled between 2010 and 2011, given the Chinese near monopoly on tungsten this trend is expected to continue.

Tungsten carbide recycling can put dollars in your company’s’ coffers while lowering the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Recycling also promotes stability in the market for raw materials, leveling prices and decreasing the dependence on foreign sources.

For twenty five years Carbide Recycling Company has been an industry leader in reclaiming value from scrap material. Contact one of our representatives for more information on establishing a workable solution to your scrap problems that can create value for your company while being environmentally friendly.

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