• Scrap Metal Purchasing

    Scrap Metal Purchasing

    Carbide Recycling Company purchases scrap metals from every state in the USA and Canada. Depending on your location and material quantity, we can pickup your scrap at no additional charge or provide you with Freight Collect shipping instructions. In addition to the USA and Canada, we purchase scrap material worldwide and have knowledge and experience with import and export requirements.

  • We Buy Scrap Ni Alloy, Tungsten and Cobalt Alloys

    We Buy Scrap Ni Alloy, Tungsten and Cobalt Alloys

    Nickel – CU Monels – used for saltwater applications and for its corrosion resistance. Valves, pumps, propellers, shafts and marine hardware.Common Grades: Monel-R, K-Monel, Monel-C, Monel- D, Monel-400, Monel-D, Monel-G, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Stellite, Mallory, Densalloy, Heavimet, etc.

  • We Buy Scrap Tungsten Carbide Inserts

    We Buy Scrap Tungsten Carbide Inserts

    Carbide Inserts have many functions in the machining, milling and grinding industries. Indexable carbide inserts are the clear choice for grooving, shaping and forming hard surfaces, holding up to heat with extended life performance.

  • We Buy Scrap Carbide End Mills

    We Buy Scrap Carbide End Mills

    Carbide End Mills are the preferred tooling to cleanly cut, shape and form super hard surfaces without requiring a finishing.

  • We Buy Scrap Carbide Dies

    We Buy Scrap Carbide Dies

    Carbide Dies are used for stamping, extruding and drawing wire through a specific size within the die.

  • We Buy Scrap Carbide Drills

    We Buy Scrap Carbide Drills

    Carbide Drills are used for drilling hard materials such as steel, stone and brickwork.

  • We Buy Scrap Carbide Saw Tips

    We Buy Scrap Carbide Saw Tips

    Carbide Saw Tips, when attached to a steel blade, resist high temperatures and loss of breakage on woodworking and steel materials.

  • We Buy Scrap Carbide Wear Parts

    We Buy Scrap Carbide Wear Parts

    Carbide Wear Parts are a multitude of various solid carbide items used in all forms of manufacturing. Carbide tooling and wear parts hold up to ten times longer then steel.

  • We Buy Scrap High Speed Steel

    We Buy Scrap High Speed Steel

    High Speed Steel Tooling, aka Tool Steel and Cobalt, have many of the same applications as carbide with the main advantage being a lower cost. HSS limitations are its lower cutting speed range.


Carbide Recycling

When it is time to recycle scrap metal, then it is time to check out Carbide Recycling. With over three decades in business, we understand the importance of finding and working with a recycler that you can trust. No one wants to learn that they have lost money because they have actually been working with a middle man.

At Carbide Recycling, we are a true recycling facility that will ensure you get the best price for your scrap Tungsten Carbide – each and every time.

With our free pickup service – in designated areas – as well as our help in getting your scrap shipped from any state in the country as well as Canada, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

To transport scrap Tungsten Carbide, you need to work with a team that has the knowledge, skills, and experience to get the job done right, and that is where we come in. Whether your Tungsten Carbide scrap comes from ammunition, sports equipment, jewelry, or machining and cutting tools or other sources, we can work with it and get you paid.

Don’t forget, we also recycle most other metal scrap as well as Tungsten Carbide such as:

  • • Nickel
  • • High Speed Steel Scrap
  • • Cobalt and Tungsten Alloys

So, give us a call today, and let’s turn that scrap Tungsten Carbide that’s taking up room in your facility and to our recycling center today.

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