Grinding Sludge

Tungsten carbide sludge, is also known as swarf, powder, or dust. It is a byproduct from the grinding, cutting, shaping, and forming of the manufacturing of tungsten carbide tooling, inserts and wear parts and other carbide items.

We accept carbide sludge that contains a minimum of 50% tungsten with a cobalt binder. It cannot contain any molybdenum and only trace amounts of iron.

A basic rule of thumb with sludge – the heavier it is, the more tungsten it contains. If your drum is full of material and it only weighs a few hundred pounds, then the tungsten content is low. If the drum is full and weighs over 1000 lbs, then the tungsten content is higher.

Please send in a sample of your sludge for a no cost, no obligation analysis. If it meets the requirements we will be happy to offer you pricing and shipping options.

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