Nickel, Cobalt and Tungsten Alloys

Nickel, Cobalt and Tungsten Alloys


Pure nickel can be used to make various nickel based alloys.

Nickel is one of the most valuable common non-ferrous metals. Nickel is hardly ever used by its self, but is frequently assorted with other metals to manufacture alloys. There are several diverse alloys containing nickel – each developed to present a particular combination of technical properties (mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and service life) related to exacting conditions of use.

Common grades include:

Inconel - 718, 600, 601, 625 (Registered trademark of Special Metals Corp.)

Monel-R, K-Monel, Monel-C, Monel- D, Monel-400, Monel-D, Monel-G, etc.

Waspalloy – Ni-Cr-Co Alloy – Jet turbines, high temp hardware, good for heat resistance, high strength, high stress level.

Hastalloy – Nickel Chrome alloy – used for acid and sulfur resistance and high temp stability.



Cobalt is used in a variety of different applications including medical, machining, and even artificial body parts. It is used for its strength and durability. 

Common Grades include: Stellites, Star J, and F75.



Tungsten is used for its strength, durability and heat resistant properties. It is used in tooling, machining, and electronics.

Common Grades include: Densilloy, Heavimet, Mallory

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