We Buy Scrap Carbide Drills

Scrap Carbide drills bits are generally made of tungsten carbide that is nickel based with a coating of carbon. These types of drill bit has several many applications, such as drilling into stones, metals as well as removing screws that comes out of the metals. Carbide drill bit are considered to be one of the strongest and reliable metal type. Carbide Drills are used for drilling hard materials such as steel, stone and brickwork. Carbide Recycling Company (CRC) specializes in the recycling of Tungsten Carbide hard scrap and grinding sludge. We purchase scrap carbide inserts, end mills, drills, tooling, PCB drills (with and without the Teflon rings), wear parts, dies, saw tips, blanks, rounds, etc. In addition to carbide, we also purchase High Speed Steel scrap, Nickel, Tungsten and Cobalt alloys. Don’t just sell you scrap to any middleman or broker, instead look to gain optimum value for your scrap by selling it to an actual and authentic recycler. CRC offers:
  • Best market value for your scrap
  • Cost-efficient disposal
  • Minimized effect of volatile raw material costs
  • Safe and Environment-friendly methods of recycling and disposal
So, if you are genuinely interested in selling your metal scrap, you can contact us about your material.

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