We Buy Scrap Carbide Dies

Scrap Carbide Dies are used for stamping, extruding and drawing wire through a specific size within the die. Carbide is a carbon compound that is popularly noted for their high heat resistance as well as durability. This is why tungsten carbide is typically used in variety of tools. Usually, it is mixed with other metal, such as cobalt to well cement the carbide power together and creating a usable substance. We purchase both "hard scrap" and "soft scrap." When we about hard scrap it mainly includes scrap carbide inserts, carbide end mills, drill, drilling compacts and buttons, saw tips, coal mining tips, wear parts, coal mining tips, road construction tips, grit, blanks, nozzles, grit, ball mill and attritor mill media, as well as other solid form of carbide scrap. Whereas soft scarp includes wet or dry grinding sludge, turnings, presintered and unsintered carbide parts, powder scrap and grade powder. As part of our services we also support our customers with recycling of Tungsten Carbide, carbide wear parts, hard scrap and grinding sludge. We even purchase  scrap carbide inserts, tooling, end mills, drills, PCB drills, wear parts, saw tips, dies, blanks, rounds, etc. Our recycling processes adhere to international standards. All procedures are completely documented and approved as per the international environmental regulations and requirements.

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