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It is necessary to recycle tungsten carbide scrap in order produce tungsten carbide. The Carbide Recycling Company plays an integral role in the process of recycling tungsten carbide scrap. In fact, recycling of tungsten carbide scrap is necessary in the production of approximately 1/3 of the consumption of tungsten carbide within the United States.

Tungsten carbide is defined as a chemical compound. It is produced by a chemical reaction of tungsten and carbon. The inorganic chemical compound is produced into a metal when subjected to very high temperatures. The metal withstands corrosion and is hard as a diamond.

It is used in the general manufacture of cutting tools, bearings and abrasives. When tungsten carbide scrap is used in the manufacture of knives, the end product maintains a superb edge even after it has been used extensively.

The manufacturing material's main feature is its extreme hardness. It is viewed as a highly reliable, nearly indestructible product.

The Carbide Recycling Company recycles tungsten carbide scrap originating from drill bits, punches, anvils, end mills, dies, and tooling inserts.

Once recycled by the company tungsten carbide scrap can be reproduced into other important products, too, such as mining bits, bullets, and rods used for metal cutting.

Many persons do not know it: but tungsten carbide scrap, once recycled is used in the production of wedding rings and watchbands. The jewelry made out of tungsten carbide scrap turns out quite spectacular, and naturally is excessively sturdy.

The recycling of tungsten carbide scrap due to its superb properties is very practical and the manufacturing material is considered an important resource used within the industrial--manufacturing world.

There is a mass market in the sales and purchase of tungsten carbide scrap and high temperature scrap alloys which Carbide Recycling Company is happy to play a major role. Too: it is projected that future growth with regard to the need for tungsten carbide scrap will continue to rise.

It does not matter whether you are wishing to sell or purchase high temperature scrap alloys, Carbide Recycling Company is pleased to assist you either way. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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