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Nickel (Ni) & Ni Alloys

A metal alloy is actually creating by combining two or more different metals in order to form a new material. This new material created is much strong than those individual metals used for creating it. Metal Ni Alloy are used in almost every industry type; however, with depleting sources of metals there is limited supply of metal and alloys. Pure nickel can be used to make various nickel based alloys and used for plating. Many of the discarded metal scrap can be recycled and used to meet the high demand. We purchase both soft and hard scarp and from every state in the USA and Canada. Common: grades: Inconel, a.k.a Inco, 718, 600, 601, 625 (Registered trademark of Special Metals Corp.) Used for applications such as building machinery, tooling, ships, military vehicles, good for salt water because of not corroding or eroding in harsh environments.
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • Stellite
  • Mallory
  • Densalloy
  • Heavimet
  Don’t just sell you scrap to any middleman or broker, instead look to gain optimum value for your scrap by selling it to an actual and authentic recycler. CRC offers:
  • Best market value for your scrap
  • Cost-efficient disposal
  • Minimized effect of volatile raw material costs
  • Safe and Environment-friendly methods of recycling and disposal
So, if you are genuinely interested in selling your metal scrap, you can contact us about your material.  

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