What kind of tungsten carbide scrap are we looking to buy?

Carbide Recycling Company is looking to buy your tungsten carbide scrap. Perhaps you're wondering what sort of products may contain tungsten carbide and which ones we want, and how to sell your scrap to us. Here are some pointers.

* Tungsten carbide is often used in a variety of tools, due to its high heat resistance and durability. It is also used in scratch resistant jewelry, oil field exploration, and the making of bullets and safes.

* Carbide Recycling Company buys soft scrap, which includes grinding sludge, turnings, preinserted or uninserted carbide parts, powder scrap and grade powder.

* We also buy hard scrap. Hard scrap includes scrap carbide inserts, carbide end mills, dies, drilling compacts and buttons, road construction tips, saw tips, coal mining tips, and more.

* Local customers are welcome to bring scrap to us, and we are happy to sort carbide scrap, alloys or high speed steel scrap at no charge. In addition, we may be able to arrange to pick up your scrap material at no charge depending on your location.

* We purchase scrap metal from every state in the US and Canada. We also purchase scrap metal worldwide and have knowledge about import and export requirements. We are happy to assist you in determining the best way to ship your scrap metal to us.

Carbide Recycling Company has been in the business of recycling scrap metal for 25 years. Get the best price for your scrap metal from a Better Business Bureau accredited company with trade and bank references upon request. For more information, contact us.

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