Some of the Interesting Ways Businesses are Using Your Carbide Scrap

Carbide Scrap

Scrappers are paying a great deal of attention to tungsten carbide scrap these days. The reason they are doing this is because this powerful metal has such a variety of uses, throughout many industries.

Most people recognize that manufacturers use tungsten carbide in tools like saws, cutting tools, drills, and in tool parts like drill bits, end mills and things like that. This is because tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals.

It's stronger than titanium and unique in that it resists both scratching and rust. Rust and water damage can both ruin a good tool and this resistance to both makes carbide tools much more useful in outdoor work. The other common use for carbide scrap is in factory machinery and equipment composition.

In addition to using carbide scrap in these ways, you will find this metal in many other places as well. Including wedding rings, kitchen knives and now even smartpens.

Tungsten carbide wedding rings

- These rings are a great choice for any groom. They are very heavy, strong and dense. They cannot bend and resist scratching and rust. They keep up their shine with little care, (if any), and last a lifetime. In addition, they come in a variety of modern and attractive styles.

Kitchen knives

This powerful metal has the type of composition that makes it excellent for creating kitchen tools. Most manufacturers also mix the metal with other metals or use it as a coating. Some manufacturers even claim these knives are stronger than sapphire. In addition, you never have to sharpen it or worry about rust damaging it. You might also find tungsten carbide in your high-end razor blades as well.

These are just a few of the many ways manufactures are re-using that scrap you're selling and a few reasons why it's in such high demand. Contact us to learn more or sell your carbide scrap today!

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