Find Some Extra Cash Around Your Home In The Most Unlikely Places

A man from Portland, Oregon, Tom Jackson, won first prize for his unlikely sculpture at an arts festival. What made his sculpture so unique? The art submission, a giant human hand, is comprised of scrap metal only -- specifically 2,000 pieces of it, according to local newspaper The Reflector. Not all of us are so artistically inclined, but there is some good news for people who have a lot of scrap metal lying around and no artistic ability. Chances are, you have more valuable metal around the house or yard than you might think. Here's where to find scrap metal in your home.

'Tis The Season! (Bring Extra Cash To Get Jolly After The Holidays)
It may not seem very festive to sell your Christmas decorations for extra money, but -- let's face it -- sometimes, you need money wherever and however you can get it. Moreover, scrap yards, such as carbide scrap buyers, will often purchase old Christmas lights and/or extension cords that may no longer work, but also contain significant amounts of scrap metal. "The copper and metal in the light cords and drop cords can be sold," WFMY2 reports.

Don't Throw Away Money When You Are Remodeling Your Home
Turning in scrap metal and/or recycling carbide is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, many items around your house contain it. You can sell carbide in everyday household items such as jewelry, old electronics, and disused appliances. If you are remodeling and replacing appliances or even air conditioning units, for example, don't just throw them away. Look into tungsten carbide scrap prices, and help fund your home's new furnishings, electronics, and other alterations.

Are You Trying To Sell That Old RV or Lawn Mower?
Are you thinking about recycling carbide for extra cash? Head on out to an old shed, and you're bound to have some luck. Even if you can't sell an old RV or lawn mower, you can sell the metal and make money that way. Old tools, like mill tools, saw blades, and drill bits, will earn you some money as well.

If you need extra money (and fast!), don't give up. With a little luck, you can find it around your house and your backyard, simply by selling or recycling scrap metal.

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