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Carbide Recycling Company, known by the acronym CRC, has gained wide reputation and name and fame with its excellent and outstanding service. No matter what kind of metal it is; we are able to procure, recycle and resell it to other valuable clients.
Our infrastructure is equipped with high-end and superior quality equipment by which we are able to recycle every kind of metal, effectively and utmost efficiently. Workforce at our end is highly competent and proficient enough for recycling even the most heavy duty and sturdy metals.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a very dense and hard metal, which is symbolized by number 74 or a W on the periodic elements table which is extracted from the Wolframite ore. Tungsten is utilized as the filament wire in light bulbs since it melts at a temperature around 6,000 degrees F.

Advantages of purchasing Tungsten rings

Attributes accompanying tungsten rings are hardness and assurance of long lasting splendor. The tungsten carbide ring has a luminous high polish, similar to a mirror, and opposes scratching longer than any metal yet presented to the public. Approximately ten times harder than the 18k gold and four times harder than Titanium. The time when tungsten is processed with carbon and other elements; it is altered into Tungsten Carbide, between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness level that is what most Tungsten rings are made up of.
The jewelry industry makes the rings of sintered tungsten carbide, metal composites or tungsten carbide, and also metallic tungsten utilizing nickel like a binding element in the place of cobalt, which is made use like a binder for various industrial functions. At times, retailers or fabricators refer to tungsten carbide like a metal, however it is a ceramic. Owing to tungsten carbide’s hardness, rings made up of this material are very abrasion resistant, and would hold a glittery finish longer than the rings made up of metallic tungsten. Tungsten carbide rings are fragile, though, and might crack under a sharp propel.

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