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Tungsten drill bits are one of the venture at which CRC, Carbide Recycling Company has excellence. We make use of high end recycling machinery and equipments which had helped us make a mark in the industry. Services offered by us have are matchless and exceptional which has made Carbide Recycling Company earn laurels in this field.
Workforce at our end is equipped with huge domain experience and proficiency. Tasks rendered by them are supervised by our experts so that no chance of error occurs.
Tungsten is a dull and silver colored metal which carries the highest melting point of any unadulterated and clean metal. Also called as wolfram, from which the element acquires its symbol, W. Tungsten is more defiant to fracturing than diamond and is much harder than the steel. It is the obstinate metal’s exclusive attributes; its ability to withstand high temperatures and strength which make it perfect for several industrial and commercial applications.
Around half of the tungsten is consumed for the fabrication of hard materials, that is, tungsten carbide; with the remaining most important usage being in steels and alloys. Less than 10% of tungsten is used in various other chemical compounds.
Tungsten steel alloys could also used in the fabrication of rocket engine nozzles that should have high heat resistant attributes. Other tungsten alloys comprise Stellite, that is, tungsten, chromium and cobalt; that is used in pistons and bearing owing to its resistance to wear and durability, and Hevimet, that is made by sintering a tungsten alloy powder and is highly used in ammunition, golf clubs and dart barrels. Super alloys are made up of nickel, iron or cobalt, together with tungsten, could be used for producing turbine blades for the aircrafts.
Tungsten Drill Bits, similar to tungsten have found extensive usage in several heavy duty industries. These drill bits are not only used for piercing, drilling and various other industrial applications.

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