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We by Scrap Tungsten Carbide (WC)

Used for scratch and wear resistant jewelry, oil field exploration, bullets, safes, heat and wear resistant applications, hard facing applications, machining, tooling, metal cutting, shaping & .forming.

Common Types: Drills, Wear Parts, End Mills, Taps, Punches, Dies, Indexable Inserts, Circuit Board Drills, Saw Tips, Balls, Burrs, Mining Bits


Tungsten is used in various alloying processes; comprising steel production nevertheless it is most popular for being alloyed with carbon for making it a high wear and a high temperature resistant product called as Tungsten Carbide. It is the strongest known metal and has the highest melting point of any other element next to the carbon alone.

For melting tungsten, one requires 6000 degrees temperature, thereby, making it an exceptional element while requiring a west resistant product.

Over 60% of Tungsten made use in the U.S. is used for making Tungsten Carbide. It could be used for both drilling tools and cuttings. Another usage for Tungsten is filaments in the light bulbs. Tungsten Carbide generally has a recycling value which exceeds most other more common metals.

At present, tungsten carbide has become a progressively common metal, pushing beyond other more eminent and prominent names in the metals industry. With the passing of days, the popularity of recycled tungsten is increases as it offer countless advantages.

So, for more details about tungsten recycling services in Michigan, feel free to contact us at (248) 926-5570. Carbide Recycling Company is one of the well-established chemical metal recycling companies in the state of Michigan and others such as Ohio and Illinois We at Carbide Recycling Company, is not limited with tungsten recycling as we also offer other sort of recycling services of several organic and non-organic chemical compounds such as carbide, cobalt, tungsten carbide, nickel and many others.

We have well qualified professional that well knew every move of recycling industry; not only this, we also have latest tools and equipments that help in smooth execution of recycling process. While recycling, we at Carbide Recycling Company, use our best resources and equipments so that our clients happily end their recycling deal with us.


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