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We at Carbide Recycling Company, feel proud in announcing our tungsten carbide recycling services for the citizens of Ohio. Yes, you read very accurately, as we are also going to deal with the industries of Ohio since they terminate lots of carbide scrap across the year.

Well, by recycling tungsten carbide scrap, a company gets lots of profits in terms of financial as carbide is much expensive and others, such as they might use recycled scrap in manufacturing of further tools and equipments.

Apart from this, the recycled carbide scarp is also used in many applications such as in the manufacturing of cutting tools, bullets, machinery, sports equipment (skiing accessories like trekking shoes, golf accessories and horse riding shoes), household products and many others.

The main reason behind tungsten carbide’s popularity is its compatibility with high temperature and strength to form a sharp shape that is generally helpful in cutting tools industry. In fact, recycled tungsten carbide offers numerous advantages and benefits such as high durability, instant availability and many others.

Nowadays, among every industry/factory of Ohio, the importance of recycled tungsten carbide is increasing with the passing of days and hence the demand of recycled tungsten carbide scrap is also increased. But the fact is that, only 40%-50% of total demand are available in the market; this statistic is given by the International Tungsten Industry Association. Being available in less quantity, the price of recycled tungsten carbide is also high in comparison to other chemical compounds.

So if you want to avail world class chemical compounds recycling services, then feel free to contact us at (248) 926-5570. Well, Carbide Recycling Company is the only recycling company that offers tungsten carbide recycling services at very affordable price. We have well qualified professionals and latest recycling tools so that the recycling process executes very smoothly and properly.

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