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Yes, we at Carbide Recycling Company, also offer our exclusive recycling services to the citizens of Illinois as Illinois is also full with many industrial companies that release powdered tons of carbide across the year.

The recycled tungsten carbide of Illinois’s industrial companies will be further used in the manufacturing of many useful tools and equipments. Well, tungsten carbide has a wide range of applications such as found in wire drawing, abrasive, tools and woodworking industries.

The reason behind the wide use of tungsten carbide is its powerful features, such as it has the highest density due to which it cut almost any kind of metal by using it as a cutting tool. The other influential feature of tungsten carbide is its compatibility with high temperature.

Apart from above mentioned applications, tungsten carbide is also used in the making of water resistive jewelry, bullets, safes, oil field exploration and many others.

Tungsten carbide is one of the easiest metals for recycling and this chemical compound also have high demand in the international market. But the fact is, only 40%-50% are available in the market, though  having heavy demand; this statistic is given by the International Tungsten Industry Association. The main reason behind its popularity is its unmatchable features like remarkable durability, reliability and many others.

So, if you want to avail our exclusive tungsten carbide recycling services, then you can call us at (248) 926-5570. The Carbide Recycling Company is one of the well-known names in recycling industries by offering their world-class recycling services of different chemical compounds and metals such as nickel, cobalt, tungsten carbide, carbide, tungsten and many others. Don’t think that we only offer our services in the state of Illinois as we are also thinking to expand our business in other states like Michigan and Ohio.


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