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We, at Carbide Recycling Company hold wide domain specialization and acclamation in purchasing these tungsten carbide drill bits from varied factories and industries; recycle them and sell them it to varied other industries and clientele.
We are having a dedicated and devoted team of employees who are sincere and carry vast domain expertise. Owing to their expertise and proficiency, we have garnered a stupendous chain of reliable clientele.
Tungsten carbide drill bits which we recycle are highly used in construction industries, tunneling and mining.
Glass is one of the hardest materials used for cutting or making holes in since it cracks and shatters very easily; nevertheless, there are numerous ways to drill all the way through glass if one has the right type of drill bit.
In particular, two kinds of drill bits could be successfully used on glass: diamond tipped drill bits and tungsten carbide spear-tipped drill bits; there are also diamond coated drill bits. Carbide tipped drill bits are most usually made use in tiles, ceramics and non-tempered glass. The tip of the tungsten carbide drill bit is a tiny spade shaped point, which is made up of extreme hard tungsten carbide that is tremendously durable and could endure and resist the friction of drilling into the glass. Diamond coated or diamond drill bits are even harder, and lots of people favor them and select them for working with glass and other hard however delicate materials. For dedicated and focused jobs, like, cutting holes for pipes through a window or mirror, there are specific drill bits, such as, tube shaped drill bits with a diamond coating, all along the cutting edge.
Drill bits are highly useful instrument in varied industry. Since they are used for cutting, mining, tunneling and various other industrial applications, they have witnessed a remarkable escalation in the demand of it.
We, Carbide Recycling Company have earned huge name and fame in this field by recycling these tungsten carbide drill bits. Functional in 3 prominent cities, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, our chain of reputed clientele is increasing by the progressing day.

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