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Tungsten Carbide Scrap Prices (WC)


Tungsten Carbide (WC), called simply Carbide, Cemented Carbide, or (inaccurately) just Tungsten, is most commonly used in the Machining, Cutting Tools, Abrasive, Wire Drawing and Woodworking industries. Tungsten Carbide is also used in Ammunition (armor piercing), Nuclear (neuron reflector), Sports (ski & trekking pole tips, snowmobile tracks, golf club weights, horse shoes) and Jewelry.

A gray and inorganic material, tungsten carbide significantly functions as a hardener for armor-piercing projectiles, cast iron, the sharp and blunt edges of drills and saws. Besides these industrial uses, this metal is also used for creation of jewelry, owing to its hardness as well as deduced risk of certain allergic reaction among those that have sensitive skin, among several other desirable properties.

Among other forms of carbide, tungsten carbide is the most prominent and popular. It is very hard material that is made from tungsten and carbon. It has variety of uses, mainly due to its unique physical properties. The molecular formula of it is WC, and this compound is very similar to titanium carbide in nature. It is classified as chemical compound as it contains two different elements. In everyday speech, it is commonly referred as carbide.

The primary advantage of using tungsten carbide as it has the density and strength to cut shape and form most all other metals while holding up extended wear and extreme heat. Different cutting tools are tipped in carbide metal, simply because this metal is incredibly strong and retains its sharpness for a much long period of time.

Tungsten carbide falls in between 8.5 to 9.0 when measured on Moh’s hardness scale, making its hardness equivalent to hardness of diamond. It also has an extreme melting point of 5,200 degree Fahrenheit. Military makes their armor piercing ammunition from Tungsten carbide. Even ski poles use this metal sometimes for reducing the impact on the legs of skiers. Also, many jewelers these days make use of it for creating wedding rings and bands for men.

It is mainly noted for its remarkable and unmatched durability. Used for scratch and wear resistant jewelry, oil field exploration, bullets, safes, heat and wear resistant applications, hard facing applications, machining, tooling, metal cutting, shaping & forming.

Tungsten Carbide is extremely easy to recycle and is in very much demand in the international market. Even with its high demand, though, only 35-40 percent of it is available for recycling, as per the fact given by the International Tungsten Industry Association. This has also contributed toward inflated Tungsten Carbide scrap prices. For those who have any amount of tungsten carbide, be it from cutting tools, industrial uses, inserts, or even from jewelry, you can easily sell it.

Common Types: Drills, Wear Parts, End Mills, Taps, Punches, Dies, Indexable Inserts, Circuit Board Drills, Saw Tips, Balls, Burrs, Mining Bits.

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