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Nickel is one of the most important and expensive compounds generally released by most of the industries of Illinois. So, for recycling it, Carbide Recycling Company is already present in Illinois.

Nickel is a silver white colored, hard metal which has useful chemical and physical properties which comprises of corrosion resistance, high ductility, strength, good electrical and thermal conductivity, catalytic properties and magnetic characteristics.

Nickel usage is mainly found like an alloying element found in copper, stainless steel and iron. Whilst used in iron it takes the form of a strong bulletproof product which is used in bank vaults and armor plating. Alloying nickel with stainless makes a sturdy, high temperature stainless generally known as monel and inconel and is utilized in aerospace and machine parts. Nickel is also alloyed with copper for making a product known as, cupro nickel, used mainly in desalination pipes. Copper is alloyed with 25% nickel for making the U.S. 5-cent ‘nickel’ and this could strictly not be recycled. One could also find nickel in nickel cadmium or ni-cad batteries and a very influential magnet known as alnico. The usage for nickel is constantly growing and might be found in several other alloyed products.

Carbide Recycling Company offers best valued nickel recycling services to the owner of industries of Illinois. Well, recycling nickel lets you introduce with several benefits such as financial and others. You can also use recycled nickel, in further process such as manufacturing of tools and others.

Nickel is used in wide range of applications such as in the manufacturing of building machinery, cutting tools, equipments, military vehicles, ships and many others.

Nickel Alloys:

Hastalloy– Nickel chrome alloy- used for sulfur and acid resistance as well as high stability.

Waspalloy– Ni-Cr-Co alloy- Some of the features of this nickel alloy are high strength, high stress level, high temperature compatibility and others.

Nickel CU-Monels- Normally used for saltwater applications as well as corrosion resistance.

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