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Pure nickel can be used to make various nickel based alloys and used for plating

Besides, tungsten carbide scrap recycling, we Carbide Recycling Company also offer Nickel Alloy recycling services in three states of the United States since nickel is one of the most valuable common non-ferrous metals (e.g., zinc, aluminium, copper, lead). Being a valuable metal, it is also very expensive and have massive demand in present industry, but its production is not so much commercial which easily fulfills the demand. So, what to do? This is the phase where nickel recycling comes. Yes, nickel recycling is a perfect process by which one can earn money and also save the environment by not releasing it.

Nickel is hardly ever used by itself, but is frequently assorted with other metals to manufacture alloys. There are several diverse alloys containing nickel – each developed to present a particular combination of technical properties (mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and service life) related to exacting conditions of use.

Recycled Nickel can be used for manufacturing a range of nickel based alloys and also used for plating and in other industrial processes.

Common: grades: Inconel, a.k.a Inco, 718, 600, 601, 625 (Registered trademark of Special Metals Corp.)

Used for applications such as building machinery, tooling, ships, military vehicles, good for salt water because of not corroding or eroding in harsh environments.

Nickel Chrome Ingots – Refinery ends and Nickel scrap lots

Nickel – CU Monels – used for saltwater applications and for its corrosion resistance. Valves, pumps, propellers, shafts and marine hardware.

Common Grades: Monel-R, K-Monel, Monel-C, Monel- D, Monel-400, Monel-D, Monel-G, etc.

Waspalloy – Ni-Cr-Co Alloy – Jet turbines, high temp hardware, good for heat resistance, high strength, high stress level.

Hastalloy – Nickel Chrome alloy – used for acid and sulfur resistance and high temp stability.

Used in plate valves, billets, bars, wire, electrodes and pipe and tubing. Common Hastalloys grades are B, C, C276.  We at Carbide Recycling Company, offer exclusive nickel recycling services to the several factory owners of the United States and other countries.

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