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Tungsten Carbide Sludge, aka Swarf, is a byproduct from the grinding, cutting, shaping, forming and finishing of the manufacturing of tungsten carbide tooling, inserts and wear parts and other carbide items.

The Carbide Recycling Company is one of the most prominent names in the metal recycling industry. The company offers several kinds of metal recycling services including grinding sludge recycling. We, at Carbide Recycling Company, offer end-to-end recycling solutions right from pickup of the sludge to the final payment.

Our scrap, dust and grinding sludge buyers can help and offer you exclusive grinding sludge recycling services according to your requirements. Carbide Recycling Company offers scrap grinding sludge recycling and recycling of all types of high temperature alloy grinding sludge. We have a team of sludge recycling experts that offer you suitable recycling service at the best price. We are also associated with the top buyers that have state-of-the-art set up and a custom developed program for your recycling needs. By utilizing our facilities, one could fulfiil their recycling requirements that enable efficient management for scrap grinding sludge recycling along with other high temperature alloy bearing materials. Our buyers also offer on-time payment plus other free services such as shipping & mutilation of electronic or Aeromotive scrap metal items.

Why Carbide Recycling Company For Grinding Sludge Recycling?

We offer Recycling Services at Competitive Price– We at Carbide recycling company ensure that our recycling prices are always high while comparing to other recycling companies. Our grinding sludge buyer pays you high dollars for your grinding sludge.

We are Global– We offer our metal recycling services for the supplier’s located in any corner of the United States.

We help and assist you in managing your Grinding Sludge– We understand very well that Grinding Sludge recycling is not an easy task, so we stand with you right from start to the end of the recycling process. We provide you new drums and containers to store your grinding sludge scrap; our waste management drums and containers meet regulatory specifications.

We Simply The Shipping Process– Earning money is not our primary goal, since customer satisfaction is everything for us. Hence, in order to completely satisfy our clients, we offer our recycling services in simple three steps- contact us, we arrange pick up service for your grinding sludge and finally, you receive your payment.

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