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High Speed Steel Scrap Metal Buyers Michigan

We, at Carbide Recycling Company, are glad to introduce our high speed steel recycling services in Michigan. Michigan is bursting with new industries with the passing of days and these industries have always the same problem of recycling high speed steel. So, the solution of this problem is a Carbide Recycling Company.

You can sell all the scrap of high speed steel so that we can recycle in our plant; after recycling, you can put recycled high speed steel in further manufacturing processes. If you are not interested in this process, then we can buy all the recycled scrap from you at very good price. Our price is good by comparison to other recycling companies in Michigan.

Recycled high speed steel is equal to fresh, high speed steel in terms of characteristics as well as features. Some of the most important features of this compound are it is highly durable, highly resistant, and compatible with working in high temperature and many others. Some of the characteristics of high speed steel are given below-

– Common grades: M1, Rex 76, M2, M48, M35, M42, T15 and T1.
– Mo or Molybdenum is also known as Molly- It is used in the manufacturing of high temperature tools
– Common Forms:  Bars, coils, powder, cast, single crystals and tubes.
– Titanium: This form of high speed steel is used in the manufacturing of components and parts of Aerospace vehicles as well as aircraft. Not only this, this form is also used in the manufacturing of tools and equipments which require intensive chemical and temperature changing characteristics.
– Tool Steel: It is one of the common as well as the rarest form of high speed steel and it is generally used in manufacturing of cutting, shaping and forming tools.

Some of the common grades of high speed steel are given here right from ascending order to descending order- D4, D2, H13, H12, H11 and H10.

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