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High Speed Steel Recycling Company (HSS)

Carbide Recycling Company, Michigan based metal recycling company, is an international leader in high speed steel scrap recycling. The largest high speed steel (HSS) scrap recycler in Michigan, we own a large portion of the market share in the United States and have gained important market share around the world. We present the top prices for your scrap metal. We offer handling as well as shipping services that make it a no-brainer for you to send us your high speed steel scrap.

We work hand-in-hand with high speed tool smelters, refineries and steel mills, providing them with the majority of their raw material feed stock. We mostly purchase high speed steel scrap from tool manufacturers and also purchase from the machines shops that use high speed steel drill bits and inserts. Our client base consists of the largest scrap dealers in the world.

Sell us your mixed high speed steel scrap then we’ll sort and grade every single piece. After sorting, we recycle and pay you for each alloy we recover.

We Recycle

Common grades:  M35, M1, M2, M42, T1, T15, Rex 76, M48.

Molybdenum (Mo), aka Molly – used in high temp. applications.

Common forms: bars, tubes, coils, Powder, cast, single crystals.

Titanium (Ti):  Plating, Medical, Machining, Engine parts, Aerospace & Aircraft. Used for altering temperatures plus displacing and absorbing heat, corrosion.

Tool Steel (Low Grade High Speed Steel) – Low tungsten, chrome and molly. Tooling used for cutting, machining, forming and shaping metals, plastic and wood. Forms of high speed steel include end mills, drills, cutters and different kinds of tooling.

Common grades: D2, D4, H12, H10, H11, H13,

Why Carbide Recycling Company for HSS recycling?

  1. We offer competitive prices.
  2. We’re global.
  3. We help you in managing all your HSS scrap.
  4. We simplify the shipping process.

For more details about high speed steel recycling services, feel free to contact us at (248) 926-5570.

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