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Grinding Sludge waste is one of the common problems of several companies of Ohio. So, we at Carbide Recycling Company, is introducing our recycling services in the state of Ohio.

Well, grinding sludge also known as tungsten carbide sludge also known as Swarf, is a byproduct release while manufacturing of cutting, forming and shaping tools. Apart from this, Swarf waste is also released during manufacturing of other carbide items such as sport accessories (skiing accessories like shoes and other products) and household products. Not only this, recycled grinding sludge can also be used in the manufacturing of various vehicle components, automobile parts, and many others.

Recycling of grinding sludge waste is essential as it might also use for further in the manufacturing of tools and equipments. Not only this, one can also earn money by selling grinding sludge recycled scarp to us.

For further information about our grinding sludge recycling services in Ohio State, you can contact Carbide Recycling Company at (248) 926-5570 or write an email to [email protected]. The Carbide Recycling Company is one of the well-known names in recycling industry across the world, especially in the state of Ohio.

Apart from grinding sludge recycling, we at Carbide Recycling Company also offer recycling services for other metals as well as compounds such as tungsten, carbide, nickel, copper, tungsten carbide and many others in several geographical locations such as Michigan and Illinois.

Our professionals at work, always uses latest recycling tools as well as machinery; not only this, our professionals were also well qualified and they knew every latest move of the recycling industry. Since the time of inception, till today, we at Carbide Recycling Company, are responsible for putting smiles on the faces of millions factory owners by offering our world class sludge recycling services in the state of Ohio.


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