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Cobalt is one of the most common compounds released by most of the factories of Illinois. The reason behind its extensive use is that it is comes with numerous powerful features. Being equipped with powerful features, it also affects the human health and atmosphere, so it should be recycled and make it for use in further processes instead of free releasing in air or surroundings. Cobalt´s usage comprise green tech, aerospace, dyes, pigments, batteries, wireless technology, computers, magnets, desulfurization of crude oil, high-strength super alloys and orthopedic implants. The usage of cobalt in super alloys is mostly owing to its temperature constancy, wear and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it highly suitable in gas turbines and aircraft engines.

Cobalt is an indispensable trace element for all multi-cellular organisms like the active center of coenzymes known as cobalamins. These comprise vitamin B12 which is essential for mammals. Cobalt is also an active nutrient for fungi, algae and bacteria and might be an essential nutrient for all life.

Recycled cobalt is used in several applications such as, making of different cobalt alloys, batteries and catalyst. Cobalt based alloys is known as super alloys that are generally used in manufacturing of blades of gas turbines as well as jet air craft engines. Some cobalt alloys are also used for dental prosthetics, where they are helpful to evade allergies to nickel.  When it, Cobalt is alloyed with certain other metals, a very strong magnet is created. And it is strong magnetic power, which helps in the production of heavy duty gas turbine engines and jet engines for energy generation.

Extraction of Cobalt

Several methodologies could be used for separating Cobalt from Nickel and Copper. They depend on the concentration of cobalt and the accurate composition of the used ore.

Solution purification, in terms of separating impurities from cobalt for producing an uncontaminated and unadulterated product, is attained by means of solvent extraction, chemical precipitation, electro-winning and ion exchange. Cobalt resources could be maximized with its recovery from electro-winning bleed, leaching solution, sludge, smelting slag and residues.

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