Carbide Recycling Company (CRC) is one of the most prominent and well-known, when it comes to purchasing of tungsten cobalt rings for recycling.

Just because a tungsten ring is made up of 85% tungsten carbide and makes use of nickel rather than  cobalt, then it does not make it fine quality.

Tungsten is a very dense and hard metal, which mined from Wolframite ore. On its own, tungsten is susceptible to damage and scratches just like any other metal. Tungsten does not attain its extreme hardness till it is combined with a carbon alloy, transmitting it into tungsten carbide (fabricators usually use nickel or cobalt alloys like a carbon binder) tungsten carbide is four times harder than the titanium, twice hard like steel and is almost unable to scratch.

Tungsten carbide, usually in the form of a cemented carbide, that is, carbide particles which are held together by a metal, has become a most usual and most prevalent material in the industry owing to its high resistance to scratching and extreme hardness. Even with high-bearing resistance, this hardness also means that it could sporadically be shattered under certain conditions. On the other side, tungsten carbide, along with nickel-binder alloy, does not seep away from the metal.

Sintered tungsten carbide cutting tools are extremely abrasion resistant and could also endure higher temperatures than usual high speed steel tools. Carbide cutting surfaces are generally used for machining via materials, like,stainless steel or carbon steel, as well as in circumstances where other tools would easily wear and tear away, like high-quantity production runs. Since carbide tools uphold a sharp cutting edge which is way better than other tools, they usually produce a healthier finish on the parts, and their temperature resistance lets faster machining. The material is generally called as tungsten-carbide cobalt, hard metal or cemented carbide.

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