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One of the most recycling firms, CRC, Carbide Recycling Company is noted and acclaimed for purchasing cobalt inserts, recycling it and then selling it to its clients all over the globe.

We not only deal in purchasing and recycling cobalt inserts, but, Cobalt Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Tungsten, Grinding Sludge, Tungsten Carbide and Carbide are also bought, recycled and sold by us.


Inserts for metal cutting

Carbide is more costly per unit than other distinctive tool materials, and it is much fragile, thereby making it prone to breaking and chipping. To counterweight these issues, the carbide cutting tip itself is generally in the form of a small insert for a much larger tipped tool whose shank is made up of another material, generally carbon tool steel.

Insert coatings

For escalating the life of carbide tools, they are at times coated. Four such coatings are TiC (titanium carbide), TiN (titanium nitride), TiAlN (titanium aluminum nitride) and Ti(C) N (titanium carbide-nitride). Most of the coatings usually upsurge a tool’s lubricity and/or hardness. A coating lets the cutting edge of a tool to efficiently pass through the material without having the material gall or stick to it. The coating also helps in decreasing the temperature linked with the cutting procedure and upsurge the life of the tool.

Inserts for mining tools

Tunnelling cutting and mining tools are generally fitted with Cemented Carbide tips, the alleged ‘Button Bits’. Only man-made diamond could substitute the Cemented Carbide buttons whilst conditions are perfect, however as rock drilling is a hard-hitting trade the Cemented Carbide button bits continue to be the most used kind throughout the globe.

Rolls for cold-roll and hot-roll applications

Ever since the mid-1960s, steel mills around the realm have applied cemented carbide to the rolls of their rolling mills for both cold and hot rolling of tubes, flats, and bars.

For recycling the above mentioned metals and inserts, you could call us at (248) 926-5570.

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