Drill Bits


Cobalt (Co) and Cobalt Based Alloys Drill Bits

The most noted; Carbide Recycling Company (CRC) is holding huge recognition and acclamation in purchasing cobalt based alloys drill bits for recycling. We purchase these from various industries and later on, post recycling sell them at the most reasonable price to the customers.

Drill bits are one of the most essential industrial tools which are used for drilling and various other purposes in both residential and commercial industry.

Drilling via steel is not a daily home repair activity, and drill bits for metals are the most costly. Regular drill bits cannot cut via steel, henceone require a sturdy, hard drill bit for doing the task. There are two kinds of drill bits which could count on for the metalworking projects, i.e.,cobalt and titanium.

Cobalt drill bits are made up of cobalt steel, and they could be easily sharpened, with not much extra effort put in. They are also extremely resistant to heat and are very abrasive and hard. They are particularly good for drilling viatitanium, cast iron and stainless steel.


Medical, Machining, Aircraft parts, Ships & Freighters. Used for strength and durability.

Drill bits are cutting tools used for creating the cylindrical holes, approximately always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in varied sizes and have a whole lot of uses. Bits are held in a tool known asdrill that rotates them and offers torque and axial force for creating the hole. Specific bits are also obtainable for non-cylindrical-shaped holes.The shank is that part of the drill bit, which is grasped by the toss of a drill. The cutting edges of the drill bit are present at one end, and the shank is present at the other.

Common Grades:

Stellite HS 25, HS 31, HS 6, HS 12, HS 21 – Machining and high temp. applications Star-J & Tantung – Blades, Machining and tooling F75 – Body part replacement, Hi Temp applications.

We have gained wide domain expertise and acclamation in purchasing the cobalt based alloy drill bits for recycling and then selling it to the buyer post recycling of it.


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