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Medical, Machining, Aircraft parts, Ships & Freighters. Used for strength and durability.

Common Grades:

Stellite HS 25, HS 31, HS 6, HS 12, HS 21 – Machining and high temp. applications Star-J & Tantung – Blades, Machining and tooling F75 – Body part replacement, Hi Temp applications.

Cobalt Recycling services

Apart from tungsten and carbide recycling, we ‘Cobalt Scrap Metal Buyers’ also offer cobalt recycling services in all three popular states of the United States. According to a report published in the United States, it was found that there is no commercial production of cobalt done within the country. The usage of cobalt in the country is 100% dependent on import. So, if factory owners of the country want to continue the cobalt use in the manufacturing processes of their products, then they must recycle cobalt waste as well.

According to a survey done in the United States, it was found that at present, country produces only 15% of total U.S. cobalt consumption. Therefore, improvements in recycling technology have been necessary not only to diminish environmental impacts connected with production and extraction, but also for cutting down the prices of cobalt. With the use of cobalt scrap in several manufacturing processes, the country gains several advantages in terms financial and environmental.

Cobalt-bearing scrap or waste is generally produced while manufacturing processes used by the chemical and petroleum industries, rechargeable batteries and super-alloys, cemented carbides used in cutting and wear-resistant applications, magnetic and wear-resistant alloys, and tool steels. Depending on the quality and kind of the cobalt scrap, it can be used within the factory where it is generated. Cobalt is processed to recycle the metal powder or cobalt chemical or any other by using it as an alternate for iron or nickel in an alloy with a minor cobalt particle.

The products of recycled cobalt waste count are: Alloys, pure cobalt metal, mixed metal residues, metal powder or chemicals; and tungsten carbide-cobalt powders. Some common grades of Cobalt are as follows- Stellite HS 6, HS 12, HS 25, HS 21, HS 31 – Machining plus high temperature applications Star-J & Tantung – Blades, Machining and tooling F75 –Hi Temp applications and Body part replacement.

So, by keeping this point in consideration, we also offer cobalt recycling services so that our country also becomes rich in cobalt and its popular alloys. We offer our cobalt recycling services in all  three popular states of U.S., viz. Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

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